Friday, October 5, 2012

Announcing Social Infusion at #NHF2012

Last year, when planning my trip to Chicago for the National Hemophilia Foundation's Annual Meeting, I found myself trying to set up meetings with several of my online friends in the community. Soon I became overwhelmed trying to coordinate schedules with multiple people and I thought, "Why is this such a hassle? NHF should host a meet-and-greet to kick-off the conference." I asked NHF about that and they liked the idea, but didn't seem ready to take charge of such an event. So, with very little time to organize it, I decided to plan an event anyway. 

Last year, I hosted the first Social Infusion at English Pub in Chicago. They donated a great space for the event, Accurate Rx sponsored to provide lanyards and name badges, and we hosted approximately 50 attendees, including consumers, NHF chapter staff, HFA board members, pharmacy owners, mobile health developers, pharma marketers and the managing editor of HemAware magazine. It was a lot of fun and I received great feedback, including several requests to host the event at future conferences.

This year, I had more time to plan and find sponsors, so it's going to be incredible. I expect to host approximately 100 people at the event in Orlando, as well as hundreds more across the globe as part of a virtual audience connected through social media. The event is free and the first 100 guests to arrive at the venue will receive a Swag Bag. Learn more and register at I hope to see you all there.

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