Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hemophilia Through My Eyes

CJ Wilson signing autographs at the 2011 NHF Annual Meeting
As it is the beginning of the calendar year, I wanted to outline a few things I'd like to do in 2012 that I hope will benefit others in the hemophilia community. This year I want to give people the opportunity to view the community through my eyes. I will write and share photographs and video of my experiences at NHF's Washington Days, HFA's Symposium, NHF's Inhibitor Summit, NHF's Annual Meeting and any other events I am fortunate enough to attend. My hope is that those people who are not attending may learn more about the people that are, what happens at the events, how the events help the hemophilia community and why they are important. I invite others to join me at these events and, if you are willing, to document your experiences, whether it is through writing, photography or video. I would love to give others as many perspectives as possible.


Vaughn Ripley said...

Hi Mark! I'm very excited to see your posts. Good luck with everything, post often, and by all means, don't have any major bleeds!


Your brother in blood,

Unknown said...

Thanks, Vaughn. Actually, I don't have hemophilia. My kids do. I have become very involved as a result. Your story is truly inspirational and we encourage our kids to do as much as they can. Despite inhibitors, both boys played soccer and it was amazing to see their confidence grow. I've learned so much from others in the community such as yourself. That is why we are trying to provide a blog where several people can contribute. If you would like to share through this platform, please let me know. We'd love to share your posts.

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